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Rough Seas And Reckless Biking (17/05/12)

May 18, 2012

Today was definitely another thrilling day but for altogether different reasons. We started the day as usual but there was a slightly tense feeling in the air – the seas were rough and we were told to prepare ourselves for a bumpy boat ride.

It turns out that bumpy was an understatement and we weren’t ten minutes into our journey before we had our first seasick passenger. Actually by the time we’d anchored up, over half of our boat load of guests had their heads over the side and were rarely coming up for air.

Now, I’m not the best person when it comes to sick but I had to try and be strong for the clients, offering them towels and water whilst making sure nobody leant too far over the edge – we had already set up a bait line and didn’t need the human variety in the water too to draw in the sharks.

Eventually a Great White was spotted and we tentatively helped people into the cage, which was bobbing violently in the waves. Luckily every one of the clients had the chance to get into the cage before the crew deemed it too rough to continue. Us volunteers didn’t have a chance to go in but to be honest, seeing the result of people’s seasickness floating in the water, I was perfectly happy to stay on the boat.

I have to admit that as we were heading back to shore and people were jumping up from their seats and rushing to the side of the boat to vomit, I was secretly proud that I was able to deal with the rough conditions – you never know how your body will react so I was a little worried as people around me dropped like flies.

Once back on shore we learnt that one of the guests (who happened to suffer the most and was still vomiting back on land) happened to be a VIP guest who’d been sent on the trip as a gift to impress him. I think it probably had the opposite effect but at least he saw a shark.

Anyway, it was too rough for any more trips out to sea so we decided to try our hands at something else that would get our adrenaline pumping – quad biking. When I say quad biking, I’m talking extreme quad biking: rickety bridges that barley fit your tyres on, steep slopes, huge ditches and massive tree trunks to scramble over. All this and with only a five minute introduction to the bikes.


Initially I was quite nervous and stayed mostly in second gear but after I’d tackled a tiny and worryingly wobbly bridge with a massive drop either side I felt a little braver. The views were fantastic too.


However just as I was feeling more confident the next obstacle came into view – a ditch with a massive tree trunk hanging down over it, one that meant you had to duck as far down as possible as you were going down the dip – if you wanted to keep your head.

Our ‘instructor’ went first and I was next. I drove down the slope and ducked down low over my handle bars (terrified at this point if I’m honest) and my fear was justified. As I leant down my helmet wedged itself between the handle bars and the tree. My head was stuck. I braked immediately and couldn’t go any further, the claustrophobia set in and I couldn’t see how I was going to be able to free my head! I was seriously worried.

Our leader came back and attempted to pull me through but that would pull at my neck too much…he then managed to push me backwards out of my predicament but I was shaken by the experience. After a little debate about how best to overcome this obstacle, I leant to the side as low as humanly possible, closed my eyes and pressed the acceleration. I was literally picturing this as my last living moment as I went under and luckily was still picturing it as I came out the other side.

I had survived!!! Robyn also encountered the same issue, having to be pushed back too but also made it through the second time. With this drama behind me I felt much braver and by the end we were haring round bends in fifth gear and zooming over dips and hills. Apparently we were now qualified quad bikers (or so we were told) I’ll take that as long as I never encounter a ditch with a tree over it ever again!


  1. haystack56 permalink

    AH ohh gods that ditch with the tree, it sounds awful but I can’t stop laughing! It would happen to you!!!

    • Haha I know I couldn’t stop laughing about it afterwards either! It wasn’t funny at the time though!!

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