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Cabin Fever (19/05/12)

May 20, 2012

Yesterday the weather conditions meant that the sea was too rough for us to venture out and today was no different. The rain was lashing down and you could see the waves crashing around by the harbor.

We’d planned to go horse riding today as an alternative but as the mini bus dropped us off and we headed towards the stables we were met by the man who was in charge and he didn’t look too happy about going out today.

“You really want to go out in this?!” after a while we all agreed that the forecast looked better tomorrow (although it was still going to be too rough at sea) so our ride could wait until then. We still had time to see the horses before our bus returned to collect us and I made friends with a brown and white horse called Harry.

When I asked which ones we’d be riding the man pointed out three docile looking creatures. I asked if I could ride Harry and he sighed and said if I was strong enough and experienced I could ride him – Harry looked so sweet and I could do with a challenge so I agreed, hoping that this wouldn’t come back to haunt me!

Back at base we spent the day watching DVD’s and talking with the marine biologist who was looking after us. By lunch time we were getting a little fidgety and decided to head to the shop to stock up on food for the next few nights (we take it in turns to cook for everyone each night).

By late afternoon we were skipping, post card writing, yoga’ing and basically doing whatever we could to keep ourselves occupied and by the evening I think we’d all gone a little bit crazy and everything seemed hilarious.

Tomorrow the weather is meant to be better and with the promise of a horse ride hopefully our cabin fever will be kept at bay.

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