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Danger Point (21/05/12)

May 21, 2012

This was to be our fourth ‘no sea day’ in a row, which is apparently quite an unusual occurrence and we were all desperate to get outside and do something active.

Luckily it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining for us, so we were straight outside and sunbathing for the first part of the morning. We were told that although the weather was perfect, the sea was still too rough and that tomorrow we could finally head back out to see the sharks.

So as we were sat outside in our bikinis, gossiping and savouring the sunshine, we were pretty surprised and extremely embarrassed when a massive group of volunteers and guests from another project sauntered past us. We hid behind our books and sunglasses as they heckled ‘how are you doing ladies? How’s the tan coming along?’

Apparently they felt they could get away with a day at sea and we were pretty jealous of them. So we agreed to make the day count and do something other than sunbathing – we decided to walk to the lighthouse at ‘Danger Point’.


Knowing it was quite a walk and over some rocky terrain too, I don’t know why Robyn and I decided to wear flip-flops for the walk but I can tell you that 8 miles and two and a half hours later, we were definitely regretting it.

Anyway we’d made it to the lighthouse and could only just make out the harbor that we’d started from. The walk itself took us along the coastline and gave us some great views, which only got better as we approached the lighthouse at Danger Point.


We climbed the ninety steps up to the top and looked out to sea, we only spent a short time up the lighthouse as it felt like a sauna in there. We stopped at the HMS Birkenhead memorial that marked the bravery of the sailors and soldiers who’d rescued all women and children aboard the ship when it sank on 26th February 1852.


After a little rest, during which we were getting a little unwanted attention from a group of guys, we gathered our things and started to head back. But as we were leaving we noticed a truck pulling out and leaving too. For some reason and I don’t really know what that reason was, myself, Robyn and Ashlie decided it would be fun to try and hitchhike – admittedly forgetting the many warnings we’d all been given from friends and family when we’d headed to South Africa.

It was as the truck pulled up that I realized we were trying to hitch a ride from the very same guys who’d been eyeing us earlier. Now, normally I’m all for taking a few risks in the name of adventure and if you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know that that’s usually what I do, but this time it felt all wrong.

I knew that this was a stupid idea, whether these guys were harmless or not it just wasn’t worth the risk and as fun as it might be to ride in the open back of a truck, it would be better to stay safe on this occasion.

We told them we decided to stay with our other friends who wanted to walk and not to worry. They hovered for a while and then drove off. That was when it really dawned on us what sort of trouble we could have gotten ourselves into and how three ‘touristy’ girls, hitchhiking in South Africa probably wasn’t the best idea.

Well anyway, we’d avoided any drama and had the blistered feet to prove it as we hobbled all the way back to our base and headed to the Great White House Restaurant for milkshakes, relieved that the only danger visited was Danger Point itself.


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