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Return To The Cage! (22/05/12)

May 22, 2012

After a record four days stuck on land, we were all itching to get back out to sea and today was the day that our prayers were answered. We were up at 5.45 and watched the sun come up as we prepared the boat.


When we got out on the water we could see that the conditions were perfect: the sun was shining, the sea was calm and the visibility was great.

We were running two trips today so there was a good chance that us volunteers would be given a lot of diving time. The first trip saw a few of our guests turn very sea sick and they retreated from the cage to spend most of the trip in the cabin, which subsequently meant that Amy and I spent most our time taking their place in the cage.

Within a few minutes we had a small 2.5 meter shark circling us and as we dived down to get a better look we saw it bump into another much bigger shark that was swimming just below us, it must have been about 3.5 meters. They stayed with us for a long time, often going for the bait and swimming right up to us to have a closer look…I’ll always remember the moment that I was close enough to meet the eyes of a Great White dead on and hold it’s gaze for a few seconds before it glided past me, disappearing into the murky depths.

It was after Amy and I had just seen the two sharks together – the smaller one and it’s 3.5 meter co star that we came up for air gasping and exclaiming at our luck. However just as we surfaced a massive tuna head swung through the air and narrowly missed Amy’s head – Mandela, one of the crew members, was resetting the bait line and in doing so timed it just right to meet us as we popped up.

Our shark sighting must have been special because even a mouthful of tuna juice couldn’t wipe the smile off of Amy’s face, in fact the whole thing was so hilarious that the next few dives saw us coming up for air early because we were laughing so much.


During the next dive we let the other volunteers go in first but were able to follow after. The sharks were very inquisitive and more aggressive than the previous trip. Unfortunately my underwater camera was having issues, so I missed out on some golden photo opportunities but made up for it back on the boat.



As we passed the seals on Geyser Rock and headed back to land a few Southern Arctic Skewers dropped by to feast on some of our leftovers, giving our clients one last sight to see.


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